I may be justified in blaming it on human nature, but either way I’m selfish. Well it’s the way I was born, not raised. We come out the womb needy, entering a world that we are led to believe revolves around us. With someone to feed us at the sound of our cry or change us at the whiff of our stink, we get comfortable while failing to realize that as with all seasons, this selfishness must be short-lived in order for us  grow on our own. People see a child’s love as pure, without flaw, but can it even be called love when the motives behind it include solely the assurance of another’s love and protection? We all have wants and needs, but maturity comes in determining at what risk one will gain these objects of desire. In my twenty years here I’ve lost many relationships by failing to analyze these risks. Being the only child for seven years of my life and the only female for twenty, I had gotten used to things revolving around me. Oh yeah and that one time I was on the other end of that spectrum I only got hurt.

It all comes down to balance. Last year I almost lost my best friend of 12 + years (I mean I actually did, then I got her back,but that’s whole other story) due to my selfish habits, and I almost made the same mistake twice … I had neglected her at a time of her life when she needed me most, but I’m still learning. Letting go of selfishness is just another aspect of love. Whether in the context of romance or simply friendship, neither can be achieved without one letting go of their egocentric mindset. Just as one takes from a relationship, they must also be willing and able to give as well. Our lives get hectic, but we must never fail to remember those who were there for us and be there for them just the same. They say “never bite the hand that feeds you”, but that implies yet another selfish mindset, as one childishly waits again for a one sided exchange to occur. I say, “Never break the hearts that love you” and be sure to love them just the same. I may be justified in blaming it on human nature, but no more excuses… it’s time to grow up.