“Or do you not think so far ahead?” As a matter a fact I do and that’s what gets me into trouble. My mind goes so far into space that it gets trapped in unknown black holes. Often I find my thoughts drifting in zero gravity with no way of catching them. A mind so lost that the satellites from Earth lose reception and there I am more lost in the future than I am in the present. Yes, it’s good to think ahead and have some direction, but instead of continuing to to drive, stop and ask him for directions. Driving yourself crazy plotting scenarios of the future that you fail to enjoy the moments of the day in front of you. Sitting at those red lights are frustrating, but there’s no point in speeding if you don’t know where you’re going to begin with…might not end too well. So now I’m in the passenger’s seat, and I handed Him the keys. He has a destination in mind and knows the best route. It may not be the fastest way there, or the way you envisioned but sometimes the road less traveled makes all the difference.– I’ll just enjoy the scenery.