The following is what I posted on Facebook earlier today after a disheartening experience at a local restaurant near my university. I am not one to call a person a racist, sexist, or label someone in any way; but I can say that I was treated without respect last night and no one should ever feel the way I did as I walked out of that building.Without regard to race, gender, religion, et cetera. Everyone has the right to respect and that is not my friends and I were given

To all my AHANA students at Boston College please do not give your business to CitySide restaurant in Cleveland Circle. I have never been one to “play the race card” but me and three of my friends walked into the restaurant, sat at the empty bar, were refused service. We were told that the building was full to capacity (despite the empty tables) though we walked in with four other white people who were not kicked out. As he kicked us out, while threatening to call the police, he gave us a devilish smirk, spelled out his name [Anthony] and allowed 6 other white women to enter his establishment. I understand that discrimination cases are hard to prove, but I have never been treated as inhumanely as I was tonight. The saddest part of all was knowing that there was no “authority” I could call that would hear my case and defend me. This is the America I live in.

One person commented on this status saying that “…it is not a good look to cry wolf” to which I responded; “…Maybe I’m the crying wolf but hopefully this time someone hears it because in this country our cries have gone unheard for too long.”

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